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The free market is one of the pillars of a free society. However, it only serves its purpose if guided by moral values. Therefore, we, as an online marketing provider, aim to improve your website’s traffic, conversion rates, ranking, etc., all the while adhering to the SEO Code of Ethics.

1: Give Our 100%

We work hard to improve your SERP ranking, increase the traffic to your website & increase the conversion rates. As a result, you get the maximum ROI.

2: We Play a Fair Game

Often enough, we’ll get clients from the same area. Therefore, we ensure that both the clients get equal & fair services from our team. In addition to that, we will also assign the clients different managers upon their requests.

3: Upfront & Honest

We make it a point to be plain & clear about what the clients can expect from our services. We aim to be completely honest about our services, skills, tools & methods.

4: Client Confidentiality

In the modern age, data security is paramount. Therefore, we take an oath to keep our clients’ information, like – Proprietary or Intellectual information, SEO progress, Conversion numbers, etc., safe & secure.

5: Discretionary Right

As an ethically bound business, we prefer not to work with clients that are controversial or political. Therefore, we hold the discretionary rights over who we decide to work with.

6: Abide by the Search Engine Guidelines

Search engines like Google, Bing, etc., are dynamic, with their algorithms constantly changing with new updates. Therefore, our SEO experts keep themselves up-to-date with the latest search engine guidelines & optimize our clients’ websites to ensure they abide by the updated rules.

7: Law Abiding

As a law-abiding business, we go a long way to ensure that our services are performed within the bounds of the law. And that our clients’ website does not violate any copyright laws or trademarks.

8: Strictly Against Plagiarism

We never present someone else’s work as our own; that’s why our team focuses on creating original content to avoid any risk of plagiarism. In case our team uses any content created by a third party, we do it with their express consent.

9: We will provide all clients with adequate dispute resolution procedures.

We prefer our clients to have a smile & a sense of relief at the end of the day. Therefore, we make our customer assistance contact channel available on the website. In order to provide the customer solutions for any of their problems as quickly as possible.

We here at TheWebLeads, hereby take a solemn oath to abide by the Search Engine Optimization – Code of Ethics stated above and hold ourselves to the high standard that our clients expect of us.

~ Matt Bowman, President

[On behalf of all TheWebLeads employees]


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