How You Can Find A Bar stool That’s The Perfect Look For Your Space

Every bar stool is not the same! Some offer features you want while others do not. Some people like the look of a backless style, while other people want a chair, their guests can lean back on. Some people want an armless barstool, while others want stools with armrests. What bar stool is right for your space? It really does depend on what your unique feature preferences are!

What are some things to consider when in the market for bar stools?


When buying bar chairs or stools, it’s imperative to know your island counter’s height. This means measuring your bar’s height. The difference needs to be more or less 300mm. This height difference is what is seen with work sets and dining sets, so make sure the height is something you can be comfortable with. 

bar stool

If your barstools have armrests, be mindful of their height, too, if you want the stool to go under the counter.


When looking at barstools, you’re going to find them in an array of features. Again, find ones that fit your personal preference. If you’d prefer backless stools, look for stools without any back to them. If you want stools that have an arm and backrest, be sure to look at stools with those features. If you like the idea of swivel chairs, then the Cleva barstool offers a rotatable seat. 

Your personal preference is going to play a huge role in what you buy.


You want your bar stools to go with the kitchen bar and the design. It’s easy to match bar stools that are light in color or muted, such as light brown, white and black. These colors tend to go with the interior designs of most homes. One of the most preferred bar chair products in our store is the Ell Bar chair, which can be found in an array of colors. 

Want an off-beat color? We can help with that! We offer a color-customized system with over 100 colors in stock. If you’re buying more than one chair, you can choose a color for each chair you need. Want one in black and another in gray? We can do that for you!

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Design Creativity 

Bar stools are not typically a home’s centerpiece, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with its look and have more finesse to the room. Get creative when choosing your bar stools by combining glamor and sophistication with another element. If stylishness is your forte, then you need to consider the Campus barstool. If you’re more concerned about minimalism, check out the Bryce Bar chair. 

 Purchase Only What You Need

It’s tempting to buy more stools than you actually need, but buying one too many can make a space appear too busy and disorganized. Purchase only the number of stools that will fit perfectly around or under the island counter. If you’re throwing a party, guests can mingle in other areas of the home. 

Are you in the market for a barstool in your kitchen? We offer an extensive line of bar stools that can be customized how you want it with the features you desire. And, if you want something customized, we can do that too! Whatever you need, we are sure to have it.

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