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Approximately 3.9 billion people worldwide use email every day for communication, and no other platform comes close to having this number of daily active users. Are you leveraging the potential of email marketing in your business strategy?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect your brand with the right customers at the right moment and increase your sales. Enlist TheWebLeads Internet Marketing Agency’s goal-driven email marketing services and let us set up an email campaign that fits your business objectives perfectly.

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What Is Email Marketing?

Build a Loyal Community Around Your Brand

Email comprises a large portion of human communication, from interpersonal to formal interactions. That is to say, on average, the daily email users come close to 3.9 billion people. Therefore, it is quite simple to understand how emails are the biggest marketing platform we have.

The question is, what are you doing about it? Are you utilizing this platform to boost your sales? Above all, are you're just letting all those potential customers slip through your funnel?

Well, don't worry about it anymore, because we have the solution to your problem. That is to say, we at WebLeads take pride in setting up business campaigns tailored to:

  • Connect you with your desired audience
  • Boost your sales
  • Meet your organization's goals.
Email Marketing Services

A Little About Email Marketing

Daily email users are expected to rise to 4.3 billion by 2023. Also, you get an average of $42 in returns for every dollar spent on email marketing. Therefore, making email marketing is one of the best digital marketing tools for generating leads.

Definition – The use of personalized promotional emails to create brand recognition, build customer relationships & drive sales

Moreover, approximately 87% of marketers use email marketing to promote their products & services to other businesses, and 79% use it for promotion to customers.

The question is, are you utilizing email marketing to its fullest to promote your product? How effectively is it working?

Well, don't worry about that; we have got you covered. We aim to create the most effective email marketing strategy for your products.

Why Email Marketing is a Must for Your Success?

In the world of social media, one has to wonder how email marketing manages to be relevant. Statistically, 83% of consumers interact more with brands from which they receive marketing emails.

On the other hand, around 44% of consumers use emails to look up brand promotions. Instead of the 4% that use social media. Also, there are a lot of other benefits of email marketing.

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Building Loyal Customers

Regular brand interactions and communication between clients & companies are necessary for customer loyalty. However, paid advertisement & social media marketing cost an exorbitant amount.
On the other hand, email marketing costs ten nine times less on average. Therefore, making it the best tool for building customer loyalty.

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Expanding Business Reach

72% of email users check their inbox at least six times a day. In addition, 92% of internet users have at least one email id.

Email marketing gives you the best possible chance of expanding your reach with a sound strategy.

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Target Multiple Audiences

Email marketing allows you to establish personalized communication, offers, etc. This is done based on factors like – Region, Date of Birth, Customer Lifetime Value.

Unlike advertisement campaigns, email marketing allows communication with different consumer groups at a time.

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Unlike physical advertisements, email marketing does not require postage or labeling. Also, there are no cost implications on the number of emails you sent out.

Therefore, email marketing provides communication with a consumer in a matter of minutes. Consequently, saving our clients, their money & time.

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Testing & Improvement

With A/B & multivariant testing, you can determine the effectiveness of every component of your campaign. Therefore, helping you amend parts of your campaign for maximum efficacy.

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Track Your Campaign's Performance

In short, email marketing provides you with data & analytics like:

  • Open Rates
  • Click Rates
  • Click-Through Rates
  • Bounces & Conversions

Which in turn can be deduced into solutions to increase your campaign's reach to the audiences.

How we Bolster Your Sales?

One of the most significant drawbacks of marketing is the ROI, making investment decisions difficult. However, email marketing allows low-cost promotional campaigns. In addition to decreasing the ROI while increasing returns. Moreover, a good email marketing service allows:

  • Real-time Customer Interaction
  • Improvement to Your Business' Credibility
  • Access to Live Performance Analytics
  • To Communicate In-Depth Information to a Targeted Audience
  • Improved Website Traffic
  • Development of Your Brand

For small businesses, we offer the Drip Marketing Service. Let us discuss drip marketing & how it will be beneficial for your business.



Unit Sales


Sales Volume

How TheWebLeads Helped The Client:

Our email marketing company revamped the client’s existing email marketing strategy and launched drip marketing automation to improve email campaign results. TheWebLeads’s email marketing specialists created email marketing designs that reflect the client’s fun, retro vibe. Within one year of using our targeted email marketing services, the new email marketing designs and automated email marketing processes have resulted in 116,894 emails delivered and 127 conversions."



Conversion Rate (Year-over-Year)


Total Leads

How TheWebLeads Helped The Client:

The company reached out to our email marketing agency to boost its email campaign optimization and create email marketing designs that will serve as email templates for future marketing campaigns. To streamline the client’s lead generation efforts, our email marketing experts developed four email marketing designs that match the client’s website branding. Our email marketing firm used AMP HTML email code which enabled drop-downs, accordion menus and other elements not supported by the old email version."

Throughout the years, our email marketing agency has helped thousands of businesses launch targeted email marketing campaigns that optimize their time and budget – we can do the same for you. Whether you need email marketing for eCommerce, Shopify or other niches, our email marketing experts can assist you.

Contact our email company today to learn more about our email marketing campaign services.

Why Drip Marketing is Best for Small Businesses?

Email Marketing

It is the technique of sending out automated emails in a particular timeframe. Based on the actions of the users.

Drip marketing periodically provides or "drips" product information to users. In order to motivate visitors into becoming consumers.

Drip marketing is achieved by using drip marketing software for email marketing automation. These software:

  • Creates Email Segmentation
  • Automates Copy & Sending Frequency of Emails
  • Allows User to Personalize Emails
  • Improves A/B Testing
  • Facilitates the Use of Multiple Tools in Your Campaign

Types of Drip Marketing You can Try

There are three major types of drip marketing techniques. However, they are not interchangeable. For instance, each is only appropriate for a certain level of the marketing funnel.

Top-Of-Funnel Drip (TOFU) - This technique serves as an entry into your funnel by making potential consumers aware of your product. That is to say; we use TOFU to initiate communication between a business and its customers.

Educational Drip – As the name suggests, this focuses on educating your consumers about your product. In a way that promotes more sales.

Re-engagement Drip – However, some potential customers disengage from your campaign for many reasons. Thus, by offering desirable deals & offers, we lure your customers back into the marketing funnel.

Effectiveness of Drip Marketing

  • Generate leads from prospects
  • Retain More Customer
  • Do Email Marketing to Businesses & Customers Automatically and Periodically.
  • Boosts Cross-Selling & Upselling.
  • Improve ROI on Email Marketing
  • Improve Customer Relations

Let us talk about some of the other services we will provide you if you subscribe to us. In addition to what those services entail.

Performance Audit & Strategy Analysis

The market is always dynamic & unpredictable to most. Therefore, your email marketing strategy needs to adapt to the changing trends. Our job is to determine the factors negatively influencing your email marketing performance.

Thus, our experts audit and analyze your B2C & B2B marketing strategy & cover:

Analyses of Campaign & Template

We review your campaigns & templates for the last 12 months. In order to analyze the performance and problems within

  • Call To Actions
  • Subject Line
  • Email Design

Then, suggest possible solutions to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Technical Review

In short, one of our technical experts will review your email marketing setup. In order to identify & fix issues with elements of your campaign like:

  • Spam Complaints
  • Issues in Delivery
  • Blocklisting IP Address
  • Potential Domains

Therefore, ensuring your promotional emails & newsletters reach the correct inbox.

Update Email List

It is estimated that nearly 27% of email addresses become obsolete within a year. Thus, we keep your email list up-to-date by analyzing:

  • Campaign Performances
  • Unsubscribed & Subscribed Customer Demographic
Strategy Review

That is to say; our experts review your marketing strategy/program. In order to determine the best possible strategy to improve your campaign's performance, by reviewing:

  • Email Automation Program
  • Changes in Email Address List
  • Segments of Your Audience
Providing Recommendations

In short, at the end of the audit, our email marketing specialist will provide solutions for improving your marketing strategy by recommending:

  • Design Templates
  • Call to Action
  • Content Formats & Language
  • Automated Emails Frequency
  • A/B Testing Potential

Designing & Developing Custom Email Template

Email templates need to be updated according to the trends to maximize the user experience. However, not every business has an in-house design team dedicated to UX. Thus, we ensure that your email templates are up-to-date, by:

High-Quality Template Design

Our designing team works hard to ensure that your email template is as engaging as possible. In addition to running on clean codes and being compatible with all screen sizes and clients.


We aim to provide a hassle-free service to our clientele. However, our clients often don't prefer to use standard/prominent ESPs. Therefore, our design team transfers the template to an ESP of their desire.

Quality Testing

Our quality testing teams ascertain the quality & effectiveness of your template. We achieve this by running them through several tools to:

  • Analyze Coding
  • Review Responsiveness
  • Measure Performance
Template Training

Also, we provide our clients with video walkthroughs of the template & email process. Therefore, providing training to their employees on how to use said templates.

Marketing Management

We offer assistance to your in-house marketing division. Therefore, ensuring the long-term profitability of your email marketing campaigns. In order to achieve that, we provide services like:

Goals & Target Audience Analysis

Our teams review your goals & past campaigns to ascertain sales points as yet untapped. Then, prepare a marketing strategy to achieve your organization's marketing goals.

Designing to Deployment

Our teams will take over the burden of creating a star-spangled marketing campaign. We will design and deploy marketing campaigns according to your specifications. In order to achieve your marketing goals. Rest assured, we will take care of everything.

Analyzing Past Campaigns

Every month our teams analyze the last month's campaigns and provide reports highlighting:

  • Click Rates
  • Open Rates
  • Conversion
  • Leads Generated, etc

Also, our teams will regularly meet & discuss the reports with your marketing team. In order to discuss possible solutions.


We regularly optimize your ESP to ensure the optimum working of your campaign. These optimizations include elements like:

  • List Cleaning
  • Adding/Removing Segments
  • Revision of Market Strategy, etc

ESP Management

As your email marketing provider, we review and ascertain the performance of your ESP. That is to say; we review any issues faced by your ESP. In addition to deciding what is the best ESP for your marketing needs.

Hassle-Free Migration

In case you're planning to migrate to another ESP that fits your marketing needs better. We make the transition smooth by facilitating:

  • Data Migration & Transfer
  • Email Automation Setup
  • Set Up Integration
  • Transferring Templates & Designs
  • Authenticate Your Domain
ESP Audit & Research

We prefer to perform an initial audit on your campaign. In order to ascertain the issues with your ESP, like – automation, reports, integrations, etc. Then we can follow up with solutions to maximize the efficiency of your ESP.

On the other hand, our teams not only review on your end. In addition, they also regularly research the prominent ESPs in the industry. In order to ascertain which one of them best suits your organization's needs.

Automated Newsletters

Firstly, the most crucial & initial aspect of any marketing strategy is awareness. That is to say, the potential customers should be kept in the loop about your products.

Thus, providing them with regular promotional and educational material is necessary.

Therefore, we aim to provide you with an automated newsletter at a cost you won't believe.

Customized Email Marketing Campaigns

Our teams will create & manage targeted email marketing campaigns. Moreover, connect audiences to your blogs by setting up an RSS-to-Email feed.

In addition, we automate your email campaign to provide follow-up information to your audience, depending on their position in the marketing funnel.

Template Design

According to studies, plain texted emails do not garner much notoriety.

Instead, businesses prefer a professional-looking template. Therefore, our teams design a template that fits your product & target audience perfectly.

Promotional Materials

Our team periodically sends out promotional materials tailored to specific audience groups. Therefore, ensuring your subscribers receive the exact information that they desire.

Why We Serve You the Best?

Complete Email Marketing Service

Unlike most competitors, we provide the complete email marketing setup package. Once you hire us, your worries are over.

Our team will analyze your past campaigns & organization goal. In order to create & drive an email marketing campaign from the beginning till the end.

In addition to that, we also provide specific combinations of services. So, in case you do not require a complete email marketing overhaul.

Through & Regular Testing

In addition, we also regularly put the existing marketing campaigns through multivariate & A/B Campaign Testing.

So, we can create the best possible marketing strategy for your product.

And to ensure that every element of your campaign produced maximum notoriety.

Additional Digital Marketing Services

In order to enjoy a high ROI on your campaigns, you need loyal customers & an efficient system. This can only be achieved through email marketing with several digital marketing services.

Therefore, we offer our clientele additional digital marketing services, like:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Online Reputation Management
Detailed Reports & Performance Analysis

The most vital pre-requisite for optimization is highlighting the errors & issues. Thus, we provide our client with periodic detailed reports of their campaign's performance, like:

  • Open Rates
  • Referred Traffic
  • Leads Driven

In addition, our team will integrate your campaigns with Google Analytics. In order to provide you with a deeper understanding of its performance.

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