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In today's time, over one billion people have one or the other disabilities. Because of that, they are affected by the lack of assistive technologies and non-adapted means of communication. Therefore, if you are looking for a platform that will provide equal opportunity to all the visitors for your content, then ADA, i.e., the Disabilities Act complaint website, is a reliable platform.

TheWebLeads offers ADA compliance services with an advanced artificial intelligence tool. Furthermore, this tool allows individuals to navigate your website effortlessly. Moreover, we provide online users add a compliance tool. This tool helps them avoid ADA website compliance lawsuits leverage ADA tax incentives. Also, it makes the customer stick with them for life long.

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ADA Compliance: Securing Equal Access to Online Content

We have seen that awareness associated with disability-inclusive development has increased in the past few years. Furthermore, not just one but various countries have made laws that protect the civil rights of disabled individuals. Moreover, it is made sure that there is no discrimination done with such individuals and they get to live in a free environment.

The web promises independent participation among online users. However, individuals with specific disabilities need website ADA compliance. The presence of ADA complaints makes them possible to get many benefits.

Go ahead to learn the foundation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and other web content accessibility guidelines. This will, in return, allow you to keep your website ADA compliant.

ADA Compliance Services

About Goal of Americans with Disabilities Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines-

ADA Compliance Services

According to the World Health Organization reports, around 15% of the global population with disabilities face certain daily life issues. This includes online shopping or even web browsing. So, keeping in mind the need for web accessibility, the world wide web Consortium has made web content accessibility guidelines.

WCAG is the standard whose aim is to explain all about ADA accessibility. Furthermore, they aim to guide the web developers to make websites ADA compliant. As a result, governments adopt web content accessibility guidelines worldwide. Moreover, they are now part of various litigations, including section 508 and the Americans with disability act.

In the year 2017, WC AG 2.1 was introduced. This was done to address the technological advancements and web changes. Let us get to know about all the things that this version includes. Through the points given below, you will learn about the class of people with various disabilities for whom WCAG aims to make the online content accessible.

  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Hearing loss
  • Speech disabilities
  • Cognitive limitations
  • Hearing loss
  • Low vision
  • Learning disabilities
  • Photosensitivity
  • Limited movement

Is there a need for my website to be ADA Compliant?

The answer to this question is a big yes. Having a website ADA compliance is a necessity in these times. Many countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, need WCAG compliance for all their sites. Furthermore, in the United States of America, section 44 code was enacted so that $5000 tax incentives were there for the website accessibility. In addition to this, it also encourages small businesses and organizations would take part in equal access to online resources.

Ignoring the ADA assistance and web accessibility guidelines puts their business at risk for the ADA website compliance lawsuit. Furthermore, it will also affect your business's credibility, marketability, and financial capabilities. Companies that do not value website ADA compliant standards need to get done everything is given below-

ADA Compliance Services
  • Get your website to speed up according to WCAG 2.1 criteria
  • Present the possible settlement to the plaintiff
  • Make sure that the web development team goes through ADL assistance and web accessibility training
  • Put up all the essential and compulsory website updates that ensure ADA web compliance
  • Put up an accessibility policy on their site

Let us now go through the ADL requirements, AD A tax credit 2021 qualifications, and how all this benefits your company. TheWebLeads is there to help everyone understands the ADA standards and its compliance tax credit criteria. Furthermore, one can learn all about the basics associated with its guidelines. So get in touch with us and get detailed information about our ADA services.

What is the need for an ADA-compliant website?

Being a business owner or a marketer, it is essential to focus on your web design. This is because your web design speaks all about the quality of your product and your customer support. It is necessary to show your client's perspective and key stakeholders your commitment. You must be aware of how committed you are to providing the best services by investing in an ADA-compliant website.

Through the point given below, you will get to know about what all ADL complaint website ensures

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Adherence to the Law

The existence of the law protects disabled individuals against any discrimination across various platforms and websites. In 2017, filing of around 7633 website complaints lawsuits took place. Also, in 2018, this number increased by about 200%.

So, if you are an e-commerce website or a business that has a physical location, you must be at a higher risk of getting sued for the failure to meet all the WordPress ADA compliance rules and guidelines. Furthermore, focusing on the ADA website compliance services protects your firm from serial web accessibility plaintiffs.

In this case, it becomes even more critical to get in touch with the trained professionals who will help you take the first step to ensure that you are on the right side of following the law. Also, this will allow you to save enough of your money. You will not have to spend a single penny on hiring or defence attorney and litigation and a web-compliant case.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many elements overlap with ADA standards. Some are image alt tags, video transcription, color contrast, text size, captions, and sitemaps. However, when one sticks to the web standards, they can improve their efforts and ultimately leave a positive impression of their brand on their online users.

Furthermore, one of the critical elements of WCAG compliant website is that it is accessible to screen readers. Screen readers are an assistive technology that crawls web pages to render text and image content either as speech or Braille. Moreover, due to this, it becomes possible to even for people with disability like blindness, visually impaired, or any other kind of disability to go through the information on any website.

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Accessible for everyone

A considerable number of people with disabilities worldwide require information via online sources. Furthermore, they have technological needs which need to be improved for them. So, ADA compliance websites allow all the users and visitors the equal opportunity to access their online content and further make proper decisions.

Moreover, there is no doubt that it is the right time to start knowing about making your website ADA compliant and take further steps to improve the site functionalities. When one has strict adherence to web accessibility guidelines, it enhances their customer's web experience.

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The presence of ADA compliant website helps to promote customer loyalty. Even if you have a lower overall income, disabled people account for billions of dollars in spending power. Furthermore, according to a report published by the American Institute of research, inclusive marketing practices, and ADA-compliant services allow businesses to tap into the purchasing power of around 20 million.

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ADA Tax Credit Eligibility

Small business owners who prioritize web accessibility and fulfill the ADA tax credit 2021 qualifications can get up to $5000 IRS ADA as a tax reduction. So this allows the industry leaders and marketers to improve their site accessibility and expand their online reach.

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Improved conversion potential

Disabilities can be in different forms. These include visual impairment, hearing disabilities or a visual impairment, etc. So, the business that enables its website to cater to the need of such individuals can go ahead a long way. This is because if you have an ADA-compliant website, it allows you to increase your audience's engagement. Furthermore, when a more significant number of people access your website, the chances of improvement of your retention rate increase.

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Competitive Advantage

Many businesses commit the mistake of overlooking individuals with disabilities in the marketplace. Furthermore, they do not realize that disabled people make up a substantial economic group. Moreover, they present about 10% of the total spending done online. So, remember that ADA website compliance is the key to staying ahead of the competition.

How to get your business and ADA website compliance tax credit and ADA tax reduction

Avoid Litigations and Offset the Cost of Your Site Updates

You must be aware of section 44 ADA racks created off the IRS code, but it is essential to know this tax credit and which businesses are eligible for this tax incentive?

Firstly, it is essential to note that the ADA complaints tax credit was enacted in 1990. Furthermore, it was done to help small businesses get rid of all the barriers that make it difficult for people with disabilities to access the website. Moreover, The ADA compliant tax credit covers around half of the expenditure that one spends on improving the accessibility of their website. This means that according to your total expenses, you can get around $5000 ADA tax credit if you focus on ADL website compliance.

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Section 44 ADA Tax credit is for small businesses with no more than 30 full-time employees. Another condition is that one should have earned a maximum total revenue of $1,000,000 in a taxable year. However, according to your qualification, you might be eligible for getting either ADA compliance tax credit or tax deduction, or a combination of both.

If you are willing to claim your ADA excreted, you need to fill out ADA form 8826 and fulfill all the requirements for the other tax credits you are applying for. Also, remember to consult with your tax preparer because they will help you determine if you are eligible for ADA compelling tax credit.

Are you ready to have a website that is WCAG compliant?

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Are you still in doubt and keep asking that is it important for my website to be ADA compliant? in simple words, we can say the answer to this question is in the core values of your business and custom web design functionalities. Do you have a website that caters to the needs of all-day online users? Is it a website that gives the best web experience to people even with a disability?

It is not essential but compulsory to have an ADA web compliance site in today's time. This is because it helps you target an extensive range of audiences and cater to their needs. Also, suppose you aim to earn ADA tax credit and protect the rights of your customers simultaneously. In that case, it is essential to know all about ADA compliance website tax credit rules and guidelines.

In the world of digital marketing, ADA assistance plays a vital role. Furthermore, if you value your page visitors and the customers, you need to educate yourself about making the website ADA compliant without giving it a second thought.

Go ahead two make your website more profitable and accessible. Join hands with TheWebLeads and know all about the procedure of making your website add compliant and become eligible for IRS ADA tax credit.

TheWebLeads has a team of ADHD professionals who know how to maintain your website. Furthermore, our team works to implement all the changes on your website and make sure that your site works according to the ADA regulations. Not to forget, all this is done at no additional cost. Moreover, unlike various development agencies and web design agencies, we provide you with the packages that provide you with tech support without paying any charges. So, why wait? Just pick up your phone or drop an email to meet your ADA specialist.

All about the ADA Compliance Tool

Provide A Personalized Browsing Experience

TheWebLeads is one of the companies known for offering the best ADA-compliant services. We aim to utilize our advanced ADA compliance software to fix the issues on your website. Furthermore, we ensure to meet the IRS tax credit requirements and WordPress ADA compliance.

Find out all the features of our compliance tool-

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Seizure Safe Profile

Through TheWebLeads ADA compliance software, one can eliminate the flashes and reduce the color from their website. This allows making your website becomes a safe platform for seizure-prone and epileptic users.

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Visually Impaired Profile

The team of our ADA website compliance specialists makes your site visuals so that it becomes accessible to even visually impaired individuals. We ensure that your online content is suitable even for screen readers. Furthermore, we work so that hyperlinks are made out for colorblind individuals.

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Orientation Adjustments

With the use of the ADA compliance tool, your content adapts to the preferred orientation of the online users. Furthermore, the site users are even eligible to use the options of mute sounds unable the reading mask, hide images, etc. Moreover, they can choose between big black or big white cursor or even use the virtual keyboard.

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Adjustment of the color

In addition to all the other features, yet another fantastic feature of this tool is adjusting the colors. The online users can set the contrast and saturation of your page elements according to their choice.

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Useful for blind users

In addition to all the other features, the TheWebLeads AL tool analyses the website contents and makes it possible to provide screen readers with valuable data. Furthermore, this data is provided with the ADA compliance website tax credit rules.

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Profile is ADHD-friendly

Using our ADA-compliant software can eliminate the distractions present on their website. Furthermore, this helps the individuals with mirror developmental disorders concentrate and read the content much more quickly. Moreover, as the profile is ADHD friendly, it has the feature of a reading mask too. This feature provides enough time to access and interact with your page content.

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Cognitive Disability Profile

Being a cognitive disability profile, there is a feature that helps individuals with cognitive disabilities like dyslexia and autism, attention deficit disorder. This feature enables them to focus on the essential page elements and complete the action. Furthermore, we use a search engine linked to victory and Wikipedia so that the content becomes more understandable. Moreover, we help the users to navigate their site with much more ease.

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Keyboard Navigation

A lot of individuals depend on the keyboard to use the web. So at TheWebLeads, we make sure to boost the use of the keyboard of your website and enable all the functionalities that can be done via mouse.

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Content Adjustments

With the availability of ADA compliant widget, the page visitors become eligible to make other adjustments to your site. They can adjust according to their disabilities. Furthermore, they can even change the font size, text elements, line height, zoom in the text, highlight the titles and modify the letter spacing and the font style.

Advantages of TheWebLeads ADA compliance tool

Remediate ADA Errors and Strengthen Your Digital Foundation

Various institutions and top-notch brands like Harvard University, Netflix, Amazon, Domino's, and Kylie cosmetics got sued for their failure to fulfill the ADN requirements. This means we do not have to wait for the demand letter before getting an ADA compliance website.

If you do not have enough resources and capability to complete the ADA-compliant website test, then join hands with us. This will allow you to know all about the process of making your website ADA compliant. Furthermore, whether you want to redesign your website or create a new one, we can help you out in both situations. Once we integrate our ADA compliance tool, we can maintain the complete ADL compliance of all of your sites through ongoing software or plugin updates.

Also, if there are any issues you face, our ADA-trained professional will assist you without any extra cost.

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At TheWebLeads, our aim has always been to create a more navigable and operable website. Now the question arises how one can make a website ADA compliant? Our team of experts will assure you to build an area-compliant website with ease. To make this process easier, we have made our ADA website compliance services off our ADA tool into our web packages. Go through the points given below and know all about its benefits-

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Accessibility Statement

Once the foreground and background application of the ADA compliance website is completed, we add an accessibility statement to your website. Because it works as proof of WCAG compliance, it further proves your commitment to following the ADA-compliant website guidelines.

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Interface-Powered UI & Design Adjustments

Each user needs something unique and has their preferences. With the availability of our ADA compliance tool, it becomes easy for visitors to adjust to the range of design features and UI. Furthermore, this includes a display, color settings, content, life dictionary, and orientation.

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High success rate

With TheWebLeads ADA compliance tools, the percentage of this success becomes highest. This is because this tool performs its best and removes all the errors it finds. Furthermore, our ADA compliance software ensures about 95% of the needed WCGA compliance.

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Customizable Widget

With our customizable widgets, one can adjust the user interface and design elements. Furthermore, this will enable the screen reader and the keyboard navigation to customize the widget settings to match your brand.

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Automatic scanning

With the presence of our ADA web compliance tool, the scanning of your website takes place every 24 hours. Furthermore, this is done to check any new site updates or errors. Moreover, if any glitches are found, the Al tool automatically repairs all those issues. Also, our team makes sure to perform manual reviews each month. This is done to fix any further problems that might get missed by the tool.

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Multiple languages

Our ADA compliance software supports even the multiple languages. This includes languages like Dutch, French, and Spanish. Furthermore, with the availability of this feature, a considerable number of people with disabilities worldwide can work on your web pages. Also, they can get all the information they need.

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GDPR compliance

GDPR, a general data protection regulation, makes sure not to collect user data. This is done so that GDPR compliance is not affected by the installation of the Al tool. Furthermore, when you join hands with TheWebLeads, you can also protect the customers' data.

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Safe and secure software program

Through the ADA-compliant software, one can activate it for the design adjustments. The incredible thing about this software is that changes will apply only to user-specific sessions.

Why choose TheWebLeads for your ADA website compliance services-

Increase Your Target Audience and Get More Customers

TheWebLeads is one of the few ADH compliance companies that provide all-day web solutions that meet the ADA requirements. We have a team of ADA compliance specialists who have gone through proper training and spent enough time brainstorming to develop an AL tool that serves as a compliance website checker. Furthermore, it even performs all-day required functions for WCAG compliance.

Moreover, before we launch our ADA services, we must test and implement the ADA website compliance checker on our website. This is done to ensure that it serves all the purposes for which it is made, and further, it complies with all the ADA guidelines. Not to forget, learning how to make a website ADA compliant is just the beginning. Therefore, we continuously improve our web solutions and help various businesses and organizations complete the ADL requirements using the Al tool.

Through the points given below and know all about our process-

  1. Firstly, we go-ahead to review your website to know about its present add a compliance status.
  2. Furthermore, we put up an in-depth report of the ADA compliance website checker results.
  3. Moreover, the next step is to discuss your options, enabling you to keep your website ADA compliant.
  4. We set up the area compliance tool on your specific website in this step.
  5. And lastly, we aim to provide a WCAG compliance report and further assign the trained ADA compliance specialist to help you.

What makes TheWebLeads better at ADA website compliance

Comprehensive ADA Services That Guarantee 95 Percent Success Rate

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Al tool installation

Our ADA compliance-trained individuals add a unique script code to your website. Furthermore, we run various configuration tests to ensure there is no glitch in your system. after doing this, we go ahead to examine the rest of the website and find out any other issues. Once the process of Al installation is complete, you can expect your website to be ADA compliant within 48 hours.

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Initial summary report

Our team makes sure to perform an in-depth website review monster review. After this, we create a summary report that tell-all about the current status of your website. Furthermore, after implementing the ADA website compliance checker, we will provide you with the final summary report. This report is presented according to the ADA standards, section 508, WCAG 2.1, and EN 301549.

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Everyday background compliance scanning

Through the Al tool of TheWebLeads, everyday ADA compliance website tests occur. This ensures that your website continues to remain WCAG Complaint. In addition, through our Al compliance software, scanning of the website takes place. Furthermore, this provides all the new updates and finds any errors that might have been there in the last 24 hours.

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Various pricing packages

Each company has its different financial capability. So, we make sure to provide cost-effective ADA services. Due to our affordable services, the profitability of your website increases. Furthermore, we offer four pricing packages that involve the same benefits and features as per your terms.

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A La Carte Services

In addition to all these services, we even offered manual remediation for various elements like videos documents and PDFs. It ensures everything that is not included in the code base is ADA compliant. Furthermore, the presence of A La Carte Services includes video closed captions, video integrations, and audio transcriptions.

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Manual and automation ADA compliance

Unlike other companies, we do not rely on manual or automatic add testing. This is because One performs only one of these ADA complaint website tests, resulting in false negatives and positives. At TheWebLeads, we make sure to run a combination of these tests. Furthermore, it ensures complete compliance with the Americans with the Disabilities Act and web accessibility guidelines. Moreover, one does not have to pay any extra fee for this.

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Compliance reports and monthly audits

In addition to all the above services, we also focus on monthly ADH compliance checker reports. This ensures to provide you with the WCAG compliance status of your website. Furthermore, in addition to the daily scanning, our team performs a manual review. Also, this allows for correcting any issues or problems that might be there With ADA web compliance.

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Customized ADA web Compliant project

If you want to change or edit your existing web design, our company provides you with integrated web design. Furthermore, we provide ADL services that help strengthen your online presence. Moreover, all this includes protecting your business too. Our ADA compliance-trained individuals work closely with you and your team to ensure ADA compliance at the time of launching.

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Get support via email or phone.

An individual might have a lot of queries and questions. Finding answers to these questions is significant. So, if you have any questions or urgent concerns, then you can go ahead to contact our ADA compliance specialists either through email or phone. You will get the solution to all queries by contacting our team of experts.

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When you join hands with TheWebLeads, our client is the first thing that we pay attention to. To make sure that your website remains WCAG, our specialist repairs all the site issues. These issues get detected through the Al tool.

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Determined ADA compliance trained professionals

One of the most important things that we focus on is clear communication. Through clear communication and client commitment, online success seems easy. Once you join hands with us for our ADA services, we provide you with a team full of ADA compliance professionals. They go ahead to assist you in the whole process.

Checklist for ADA Compliant Website

One of the questions that people ask "Is my website ADA compliant? "How can I make my website ADA compliant?" Our ADA compliance specialists have created the website checklist, which will help in facilitating your site audit.

Go through the points given below and find out the web content accessibility guidelines and indicate how WCAG complaint website should be like-


1. Perceivable

Accessible website content is presented in an easily perceptible manner. This means that ADA complaint websites make sure to cater to various types of assistive technology. In addition to this, they also provide text and other audio alternatives. Moreover, it helps visually impaired people read and even browse through your online content.


2. Operable

Your site's navigation is one of the essential things of ADA web compliance. So, it is vital to make sure that your website provides the best keyboard accessibility. This will enable the motor-impaired people to reach a specific site element and continue its use with just one click.


3. Easy to understand

ADA websites cater to the needs of individuals with some specific capabilities and disabilities. This means that the content on your website must be easy to read for all your website visitors. Therefore, the most important thing is to make sure that one can read your content with ease regardless of their cognitive ability.


4. Robust

In addition to the above points, one needs to know that your page content should be robust enough. This means it is essential for the page to be strong because it will then provide a variety of user agents an opportunity to crawl and interpret the online content. Furthermore, an idiot complaint website can adapt according to technological advancement and remain accessible to all users regardless of the updates.

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