What To Look For In Acrylic Bar Stools and How To Find The Best Brand

More and more people are opting for acrylic bar stools for furniture due to their versatility and various features. Although regular table chairs can be used at a built-in bar or bar counter, bar stools are often the preferred choice of seating. Bar stools are high in demand, focusing on office furniture manufacturers to build more of these seating types.

With so many kinds of acrylic bar stools on the market, choosing the right type may take a look a time and involves a fair amount of research. What are some of the factors to keep in mind before you buy a set of acrylic bar stools?

Bar Stool Styles

acrylic bar stools stylesAcrylic bar stools can come in a range of styles, from armrest to backless style. The style you want will depend on what you’re looking for. Now, there are more than 10 styles of bar stools to choose from, such as:

  • Adjustable Height – Adjustable bar stools are quite popular due to their varying heights, with some being lowered enough to be used as additional seating at a dining room table. They are also ideal as they can be used in any home.
  • Armchair – This kind of barstool provides armrests, often on high-back or low-back bar stools, so the person using the chair can relax without the worry of falling off. They look and feel more formal than no-armrests bar stools and are often seen in restaurants and high-end bars. They’re also ideal for young children as they are unlikely to easily fall out of them.
  • Backless – This kind of bar stool is a level seat with no backrest. If it’s a completely flat seat, the stool can be used from any angle. You can twist your body to talk to people around you when the seat isn’t a swivel stool. These are often seen in informal bars and pubs. These stools tend to be cheaper than other methods, but they don’t offer any back support when you need it.
  • Folding – Acrylic folding bar stools are great as you can cut their size down and store them away when you’re not using them. This gives you more space when it’s needed. They are also ideal for when you have more guests than you expected, as they help create more seating around the breakfast bar or kitchen counter.
  • Four-Legged – This is a stool with four legs that make a square formation. The seat, depending on the stool’s design, is round or square. They are highly stable and supportive, with styles that range from minimalistic to highly-intricate. You can also use the four legs as a footrest.

High Back –If you spend plenty of time at a breakfast bar, the high back chair is good because of its full back support. When it comes to poor posture and preventing shoulder and back pain, the high back bar stool is much like a full-size backrest dining chair. You can lean back into it and relax.

  • One reason they are not used in many bars is that the backrests can hinder the view of a bar. These bar stools can be found in various materials.
  • Low Back – This kind of bar stool has a backrest that stands several inches high. It’s the kind of bar stool that offers a compromise between the full-back and no back. A low back barstool provides some back support but cannot be completely leaned on for comfort. It does keep users from fall off the chair.
  • Open Back – The open back bar stool isn’t comprised of solid material. Most times, the stool is made of wood with a backrest frame with a cross shape or bars that run vertically. These kinds of bar stools may have an intricate design for the backrest that’s commonly seen in traditional styles. You can also find this style of bar stool in metal or with upholstery.
  • Pedestal – The pedestal bar stool has one supportive pole under the seat. The base is typically circular but can be designed in any shape. The base is usually the same size as the stool’s seat to ensure stability. These stools usually have a swivel feature and are adjustable. They usually don have legs but rather bases that take up more floor space. Pedestal bar stools are usually heavier and unable to be moved easily.
  • Solid Back Bar – This stool offers a backrest that has no gaps, is often upholstered and padded and is considered the most comfortable of all barstools available on the market. They’re nearly identical to the padded dining chairs but with longer legs and a high level. They are ideal for giving guests an opportunity to relax and spend time with other people talking and enjoying themselves.
  • Swivel – These bar stools include a mechanism that allows you to twist in the seat. They are great for entertainment purposes if you have multiple people you are going to talk to while sitting down. They come in various styles but must be careful around children as they can swivel and fall out of them.
  • Tripod – This type of bar stool has three equal interval legs that support the seat. Typically, these bar stools comprise of wood and are seen in pubs because of their stability. Most times, these seats are round and backless. Tripod bar stools’ three legs are affixed to horizontal bars that help strengthen the stool and works as a footrest as well.

As you see, each one has its own distinct feature.

Now, you may be wondering if any of those styles come in acrylic design. Actually, when looking at buying bar stools, you will notice that many of these stools can be purchased in acrylic material. If you want to buy acrylic bar stools, be sure to look for features that align with what you are looking for. Do you want an acrylic bar stool that adjusts in height? Do you want that offer a footrest? Granted, a footrest is ideal if you are not tall enough to put both feet on the ground.

What To Consider When Buying Your Next Acrylic Bar Stool


Most people are under the mistaken impression that bar stools are expensive because they are so big. However, there are many brands of bar stools that are quite affordable and tough. The key is to know what you want and look for that particular brand. You can visit the home furniture stores, which will have their available stools visibly priced with features. This allows you to compare the different bar stools and their price.

If you go online to buy your acrylic bar stools, you can easily compare the different options and their prices. Most times, online stores will be cheaper than brick-and-mortar stores. These stores may also offer bulk pricing, meaning if you buy multiple bar stools (of a certain amount), you can receive a discount. This helps you to save money.


There are many upholstery options to choose from – many of them that can save you money. For example, if you want a leather-covered bar stool, you need to look for vinyl leather material. Upholstery materials include vinyl, plastic, leather, fabric, acrylic and wood.

When trying to find what material you need, you need to consider the space the bar stool will go on. If you’re going with an edgy look, acrylic or modern plastic bar stools offer an array of colors to choose from. If you’re all about wood, you can find wooden bar stools that can fit in many kitchen designs. With kids, you may want to find a bar stool that is covered with vinyl to reduce the chances for stands. If comfort is what you’re looking for, you want to find stools that have fabric.

The key behind the right bar stool is comfort, and if a person is going to be at a bar stool for any bit of time, you need to be mindful of the comfort level.


Remember, bar stools come in various materials, and the material used will affect the final price. For example, wood bar stools are usually much more expensive, but that’s because they are so versatile and can fit in most spaces. Wood stools can also be upholstered, adding to users’ comfort level.

Another worthwhile option to acrylic bar stools is the wicker and rattan tools, which many choose for the timeless look they give. They are also easy to move when you need to make space for other things.

Features and Types

colorful bar stoolsThere are many features of bar stools that you need to bear in mind – that go beyond material type. When it comes to bar stool heights, they are classed into three primary categories. Is height a vital feature for you? When you want the shortest bar stools, you want to look for counter stools. They have a measurement of 24 to 26 inches high and are ideal for a home bar of about 36 inches high. You can find regular and extra-tall classic bar stools as well. Adjustable bar stools are certainly a big factor for many people but not a necessity if you need a working chair.

Another prominent must-have feature is the footrest. If the bar stool is tall and you’re short, a footrest will give your some comfort while sitting. After all, your body needs to be maintained in its natural position.

Many acrylic bar stools offer a backrest, which is good for children and those who need added support. If you have a high acrylic bar stool, it also keeps children from falling off easily. Many people are used to sitting in a chair with a back that offers them some support. While backless bar stools are commonly seen, they don’t provide your spine the support it needs to maintain proper posture. Be sure you look for acrylic bar stools with a backrest to ensure you give your spine the support it must have.

Why Choose Acrylic: 4 Things You May Not Have Known About Acrylic Bar Stools

Acrylic is quite common as a chair material due to its array of benefits. If you’re considering the purchase of an acrylic bar stool, there are few things you may not already know about this fantastic material.

  • Acrylic is a material used for all types of products, including bar stools. Unlike wood, acrylic is durable and won’t rot, ensuring mold won’t grow or retain moisture.
  • The acrylic bar stools can be easily cleaned no matter how much dirt has accumulated. You just need a microfiber cloth that lets you wipe off the surface. If there are marks on the surface, a damp cloth can help remove them. With tough stains, you can use baby wipes.
  • Acrylic is not plastic but is a certain kind of plastic. Acrylic is comprised of petroleum-based plastics and natural gas byproducts.
  • Transparent acrylic bar stools should never be cleaned with ammonia because it can forever alter the transparency material by turning it cloudy.

When you’re in the market for an acrylic bar stool, comfort is a necessity above all else. With so many to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed. Therefore, look at the different types of bar stools offered on the market and then find the ones that fit your budget, space, and needs.