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How can the right acrylic bar stool add to the look and feel of your space

Matches it with your counter

Bar stools can be a great choice when used in dining room setting or at your home bar. But, you should always ensure that the stool you select is appropriate for a counter which is tall or narrow in its structure. As even a common acrylic bar stool is as tall as 30 inches, it will not go well with a short and huge tabletop.

Enhances the ambience

Acrylic Bar Stools are available in a plenty of colors and usually have a glossy finish to them. They also stand out in the whole space due to their tall design and create a unique and attractive ambience. The only point you have to consider before buying these stools is to measure the size and the requirement of additional room required to accommodate these properly.

Acrylic Bar StoolsComfortable and flexible to use

The style and elegance of these bar stools gives it a sense of flexibility in use. It can be replaced for kitchen chairs or can be used at the pool side as and when required. These stools provide ample space for your leg area and a footrest at the bottom provides your guests and family members a convenient option to sit together for a long chat. The right stool is also beneficial due to its hydraulic lift feature which helps in adjusting the height level if need arises.

Adjustable arm rest and back

People usually like to lean against a back rest, especially if they are planning to sit for a long talk. Along with this a hand rest is preferred to keep the hands from getting strained and adjust oneself easily into the chair. Acrylic bar stools in the recent times comprise of both these qualities and look pretty luxurious in they look.

Acrylic bar stools can give the needed functionality to your whole room and provides a visual appeal overall. The material chosen can be either transparent or translucent and can even be selected in different shapes such as square, rectangle, curve and others to fit into the whole picture. Even the swivel features of these stools are a great advantage for easy movement. So, start shopping and buy the right durable stool for your home today.

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Best Acrylic bar stools for the best of your house

The erstwhile style which was just limited to durability is now effectively renewed and stylish reforms have been introduced. Apart from longevity of the materials, style and elegance are the newly added features to it. Bar stools are essential in almost every office and restaurants to maintain a chic and lavish décor. The point is now to choose the best bar stool for your work area where its utility will be discovered to the fullest.

The stools which are made of acrylic can be molded to any style and forms. Moreover there are several features that need to be considered before choosing the right stool.

Acrylic Bar StoolsFew of the different features of the stools are:

Backrests: Stools that provide necessary rest to the back and can be used for longer durations.

Footrest: The need for footrest in a stool cannot be neglected. They provide the much essential space where the feet can be placed for a comfortable posture.

Armrest: A space adjacent to the seat on both the sides where hands can be rested on.

Swivel: This feature is not that essential in a bar stool but is still looked for. It provides the person to change postures according to the need and provides flexibility to turn around and revolve on its rotating wheels whenever required.

The above features in Acrylic Bar Stools are provided so as to provide the sitting person a relaxed pose. Other than these, there are several other features that need to be considered, such as height and color of the acrylic used.

Why use acrylic as a material for bar stools?

Below are few of the reasons why acrylic is chosen over other materials nowadays for the construction of bar stools:

•    Strength. The overall look and feel of acrylic is quite delicate and fragile. However they can support heavy objects. Moreover, acrylic stools can also be used for showcasing objects which are light-weight. Being highly impact resistant, they have a good strength of support.

•    Durability. Varnished or lacquered hardwoods have much lower life expectancy than acrylic substitutes. Since acrylic as a substance is much durable and resistant to foreign agents, they are the perfect furniture choices.

•    Flexibility. The base of seat, armrest, backrest and footrest of acrylic bar stools can be molded to any form. The various formulations of these stools make them look more appealing.

•    Lightness. Acrylic materials are light-weight but on the other hand can support heavy objects. Its lightness makes it more handy and user friendly.

The advantages of using acrylic bar stools are umpteen. However one point that needs to be kept in mind is to maintain the sheen of the furniture. Being highly transparent, acrylic is not scratch resistant. If this point can be considered then acrylic furniture can turn out to be a very good investment.